We’re Hiring!

BrightTag's vision is to make the web a better place for everyone. This requires hard work, but not at the expense of fun. It takes a special team to do what we do, and we're very proud of what we're building.

Interested in joining our team? Contact Lisa O'Keefe, VP of Talent & Culture: lisa@brighttag.com

Reasons to work for BrightTag

  • We don't just say we're innovative: We live it through Demo Day, Hack Weeks, Shark Weeks and more.
  • Do unto others: Everyone at BrightTag has the power to give anyone else in the company a bonus each month for doing great work.
  • An awesome team of co-workers: Be part of an award-winning team and see your work change an industry.
  • Laptop benefit: Draw oohs and ahhs from passers-by with your ultra-light and ultra-pretty laptop that you get to pick when you join the team. Then put lots of stickers on it.
  • River North: Work in one of the hottest neighborhoods in Chicago! Our office is a short block from the Merchandise Mart.


  • 10% of the company is named Ryan.
  • 52% of people hug Lisa after the interview process.
  • Our employees are 79% Mac, 16% Windows and 5% other.

You are...

  • Really smart and amazing, but your ego doesn't require that you be the only smart and amazing person on your team
  • Motivated to change an industry and work at a place where you will make an immediate impact
  • Looking for an environment where people are treated like adults
  • Not surprised when you log on late at night and see your coworkers online working

Not ready to apply?

That's fine. Let's learn a little more about each other before we get all formal. Contact Lisa O'Keefe, VP of Talent & Culture, to: