“One of the core tenets of the AppNexus open platform is to enable our partners to build and scale their businesses without writing a single line of code. BrightTag’s technology helps anyone plugged into the AppNexus platform connect data in ways not previously possible. Both AppNexus and BrightTag share a vision to remove technical barriers that stand in the way of ad tech innovation.”

– Brian O’Kelley, CEO and Co-Founder of AppNexus

Yard Digital

“BrightTag has taken the technology of tag management to a new level. They think strategically about data and how their clients can better solve short-term tag management problems while creating business opportunities through more data-driven marketing and analytics programs. BrightTag’s tag management solution coupled with our experience and expertise in online technologies makes for a formidable team.”

– Paul Newbury, Director, Yard Digital


“As our industry grows and develops new capabilities, so does the complexity and the problems complexity brings. The BrightTag tag management platform mitigates complexity by allowing marketers to remove tracking tags from the browser and decide what to do with data generated on their sites. Server-to-server data integration is the best approach we’ve seen to improve the customer experience and benefit every entity along the digital marketing value chain.”

– Michael Katz, CEO, interclick

Keystone Solutions

“BrightTag’s data layer enables a rich analytics implementation that we have not yet seen before. The agility of the BrightTag ONE system gives our clients better quality data, normalized across multiple sources. BrightTag’s unique approach to cataloguing site actions and events into a comprehensive ‘data dictionary’ ultimately helps us deliver superior results for our shared clients.”

– Matt Wright, CTO, Keystone Solutions

Cardinal Path

“As a leading digital analytics agency, we are committed to helping our clients make the promise of real time web analytics a reality. BrightTag’s tag management technology supports our methodology while giving our experts flexibility to support client’s unique needs.”

– Andrew Swinand, CEO, Cardinal Path


“Compared to traditional methods of tagging, BrightTag delivers faster deployment, lighter page-weight and better governance to our clients. As a global web analytics and measurement consultancy, many of Semphonic’s clients require complex and large analytics implementations. BrightTag’s seamless integration of marketing tags and excellent system for organizing custom code is an important tool to help us accomplish our client goals.”

– Gary Angel, President and CTO, Semphonic


“Overburdening pages with pixels has created performance problems for site owners and advertisers. By replacing third-party tags and disseminating the data advertisers need, BrightTag offers an effective approach to addressing this problem. This partnership is perfectly aligned with Turn’s open ecosystem approach, and we are excited to show our joint customers how this technical integration can improve their digital advertising campaigns through data.”

– Bill Demas, CEO, Turn

Winterberry Group

“BrightTag’s data integration model can address a major problem in digital marketing. There’s a large and rapidly increasing landscape of companies bringing innovation to the marketplace, but that innovation has come at a growing price as data needs to move between first and third parties. Server-to-server integration is a solution that promises to make digital marketing faster, cleaner, more transparent and more valuable for all parties.”

– Bruce Biegel, Managing Director, Winterberry Group

Clothes Horse

“BrightTag’s focus on performance is critical to what we see in the market, and their approach to tag management and real-time data integration has all of the right benefits for our retail partners. With our strengths combined, our mutual partners are going to have a serious leg up.”

– Vik Venkatraman, Co-Founder of Clothes Horse

Aggregate Knowledge

“We see a great upside when we activate the Aggregate Knowledge Media Intelligence Platform with BrightTag clients. BrightTag clients can leverage their BrightTag implementation to avoid the time-consuming site tagging process and get immediate access to AK for accurate and actionable audience insights. Everyone wins.”

– David Jakubowski, CEO, Aggregate Knowledge


“We were one of the first companies to integrate with BrightTag, as part of our core mission to provide a seamless experience for marketers. Interoperability with BrightTag allows us to focus on our strengths of driving brand and direct response lift in a turnkey way for mutual clients.”

– Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath


“BrightTag is tackling one of our industry’s biggest and most difficult challenges – removing the friction that exists between the various digital marketing participants and making the entire process faster and more transparent. We are in the business of connecting audiences and see a tremendous amount of value integrating with technology providers who understand both our challenges and those our clients face, and these guys get it. BrightTag is truly innovative.”

– Key Compton, AddThis

Think Realtime

“At Think Realtime we are all about speed: being first to spot changes in consumer interests, being first to acquire inventory and serve ads that help clients take advantage of those shifting sentiment. We rely on BrightTag to speed pixel load time so there are no performance issues for our clients and we like its quick and easy implementation.”

– Chris Smith, SVP of Sales and Marketing, Think Realtime


“Having Criteo integrated into the BrightTag platform shortens the overall time it takes for Criteo to get our service up and running on the website’s of clients already using the BrightTag platform. Speed in implementation can translate into immediate conversions for our shared customers. Criteo has experienced significant expansion this year and our new partnership with BrightTag further fuels this growth by providing another way to remove barriers to the deployment process.”

– Vincent Meyer, Director of Corporate Development and Partnerships, Criteo


“Our collaboration with BrightTag allows us to deliver TRUSTe’s EU privacy solutions at the source of data collection. This deep integration benefits companies by enabling them to address the EU Cookie Directive and also benefits consumers by providing additional assurance that their privacy choices are being honored.”

– Chris Babel, CEO, TRUSTe