Go Beyond the Browser with BrightTag Fuse™

Your customers interact with your brand everywhere so your marketing must adapt to today’s dynamic, interconnected environment. BrightTag Fuse™ leverages our award-winning Server-Direct technology to unite cross-channel customer activities in real-time, through the cloud. Connect the dots and drive more engagement, conversion and loyalty.

BrightTag Fuse

Piece together your complete customer picture.

Stream user actions from anywhere. Configure-and-go data collection from your website and mobile apps allows you to capture every detailed data from any user action. Integrated view- and click-through tracking for campaigns and transactional email and instantly available data from your ad campaigns. The BrightTag Fuse™ Collect API provides:

  • Real-Time Transactions – point-of-sale, call center, and other transaction sources
  • Connected Devices – set-top boxes and other Internet-aware devices
  • Offline Customer Profiles – push data from CRM databases and other offline sources
Complete Customer Picture

Link cross-channel user profiles.

Match profile IDs instantly. Synchronize cookies and non-browser identifiers and leverage built-in double-blind matching to keep them private. BrightTag Fuse™ unifies data across channels and devices using your first-party indentifier and communicates actions to your partners using theirs. Onboard data from any channel and seamlessly share data with your integrated partners.

Cross-Channel Profiles

Take immediate action.

Connect with your own marketing stack. Through direct integrations with your marketing and analytics partners, BrightTag's Server-Direct technology makes data instantly actionable. You can even push data to your own warehouse. From ad networks and retargeting to mobile, search, email and personalization, everyone benefits when real-time signals transform into swift action.

Take Action

Sync channels in real-time.

Push data immediately to you and your partners. BrightTag Fuse™ goes beyond browser-based tags enabling you to configure, activate and pause data flow to any channel in minutes. Normalize actions into intent using business rules and protect data in the event your partners' servers go down.

Data loss prevention, through the cloud
Case Study: "Tagless" Server-Direct prevents data loss

Sync Channels in Real-time

Privacy options, built-in by design.

Offer customers more choice and easily adapt to changing regulation. Define policies that control how data is collected and shared based on customer preferences such as opt-out or the "Do Not Track" header. BrightTag's flexible tools provide transparent information about data collection and make it easy to support implied and express consent rules that vary across the globe.

Privacy Options