One tag does it all.

Easy setup of any tag. A single call to BrightTag instantly integrates every page of your site with any analytics, testing or marketing partner.

“We've been impressed with BrightTag's approach to simplify how third-party tags and pixels are integrated across our global technology platform. The BrightTag solution enables the global marketing and technology teams at Orbitz to innovate and rapidly manage changes to our marketing programs. We've found the BrightTag team to be highly skilled and exceptional partners.”

Roger Liew, CTO of Orbitz Worldwide

Easy Integration

Innovate on your own schedule.

Configure and update tags in seconds. Break free from the IT development cycle and manage tags on your own timeline. What used to take weeks or months can now be done with just a few clicks. BrightTag’s workflow lets you easily manage tags whenever and however you’re ready. Instantly create a tag that you can preview, activate and deactivate, whenever you need to. No more waiting.

Innovate your own schedule

Speed up your site without losing valuable data.

Patented Server-Direct and parallel tag loading pack a one-two punch for performance. BrightTag's Server-Direct passes data to your partners in real-time, trimming the number of tags on your site and stopping data loss in its tracks. BrightTag also smartly loads tag code without blocking page content so your users don't get stuck waiting for slow tags.

Server-Direct FAQ
Data loss prevention, through the cloud
Case Study: "Tagless" Server-Direct prevents data loss

Speed Up Your Site

Tag once, use often.

Leverage data and events across multiple tags. Capture every user action and data element on your site and share it with any of your partners. Audit where data is being collected and who is receiving data with one click.

Read more about BrightTag's Data Dictionary.

Tag once, use often.

Play by your own rules.

Take charge with fine-grained controls.  BrightTag gives you the power to turn your data and events into actions. Powerful business rules enable you to determine when and how tags fire, control campaign attribution, compare vendors head-to-head, fine-tune your marketing efforts, and more. Pick from a set of preconfigured firing rules or create your own with our conditional rules builder.

Frequency Capping

Know what's what, at all times.

Real-time tag monitoring and reporting. Get instant insight into every tag on every page of your site. Simple dashboard views give you the skinny on the health of your tags, while our monitoring API allows you to wire stats directly into your tools.

Real-Time Monitoring

Faster tag error response, less lost data.

Identify and fix data quality issues faster with real-time error reporting. The reality is that tag code running through the browser is 10x more likely to result in errors. Real-time error reporting helps you quickly identify discrepancies, take action and prevent data loss.

Read more about tag errors.

Fast Error Response

Inspect everything.

Gain clear visibility into all of your tags.  BrightTag gives you the tools you need to take the headaches out of adapting your analytics tags to the latest version of your website and wiring up new marketing campaigns. With BrightTag Inspector, it’s easy to see exactly what’s happening with all of your tags, no matter which stage of the workflow they’re in. No need to rely on development tools or sift through firing references.

Inspect Everything

Mobile without hacks.

Zero-Footprint mobile tagging. BrightTag's Server-Direct sync connects your mobile website and apps to analytics and marketing partners data natively. Instead of shoe-horning legacy Javascript code into a hidden browser, BrightTag's lightweight approach saves your app bandwidth for user interactions, not tags.


Mobile Without Hacks

A world of partners at your fingertips.

Add tags quickly from our Partner Catalog. With configure-and-go integrations for hundreds of partner tags, you're up and running in minutes. Intuitive search tools help you easily find your vendor partners by name or code, while our Smart Custom Tag gives you flexibility when you need it.

Add Tags Quickly

Privacy built in, by design.

Configure privacy policies that allow users to opt-out. With global privacy regulation constantly changing, you need a flexible tool that doesn't require you to take apart your website every time the law changes. Honor your customers' choices around data collection and get tags in line.

Privacy Built In

Expert help when you need it.

When tags get tricky, we're here to help. Our close relationships with your tagging partners and our team of tagging experts who've seen it all give you the resources you need to keep moving when the pressure is on.

Meet the team

Expert Help